Always something to do at Evelyn Meador Library!

Summer is slowly ticking by and for some odd reason the stores are already packed with back to school supplies. But, here at Evelyn Meador library we are still in full swing with the Summer Reading Program.

Coming up next week at 4:00 pm on Monday (7/16), Tuesday (7/17), and Wednesday (7/18) we have a Maker Camp Series: Silicone casts with resin and plastic. This series is geared towards older kids and adults. We will be learning how make a silicone mold using 100% silicone mixed in water and dish soap. Then we will learn how to pour resin, plastic and plaster. Please click here.

On Tuesday (7/17) and Wednesday (7/18) at 2:00 pm we will be having Programming with SCRATCH Part 1 and 2. This program will help you learn how to use SCRATCH to code our own interactive stories, animations, and games. Please click here to register for this class. 

For the rest of July every Tuesday at 7:00 pm we will be holding a class on Excel. You will have a chance to learn data entry techniques, how to work with formulas, sort and filter information and how to add charts.

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