Amazing Tool for Readers and Teachers

Novelist PlusIf you’ve never used the NoveList Plus database, you’re missing out on an amazing tool.  The #1 thing that I use NoveList for is to find out the order of books in a series or the order of books written by an author.  Also, when I look up a book I liked in NoveList, it automatically displays book recommendations on the right side of the page.  You can also use the “Read-Alikes” link on the right side of the home page to look up an author and find out which other authors write similar books.  I have also used NoveList to find out the title of a book when a customer gave me a couple of basic facts about it.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  You can also get book reviews, book discussion guides, [Attention: Teachers and Librarians!] “Grab and Go” lists and subject or “appeal” lists, literary award lists, book talks (already written!), and articles about what’s going on in literature or publishing.  You can search for books (fiction and nonfiction) many different ways, and you can limit, narrow, and sort your results.