American History and the Fourth of July

This weekend we Americans celebrate the birth of our country.  In fact, this is our 239th birthday.  I remember the excitement of the Bicentennial in 1976 and hope to be around for the Sestercentennial in 2026.  But, to tell the truth, I find every Independence Day to be exhilarating.

My love of the holiday is related to my love of history.  I like imagining the lives of people in the past, from their everyday existence to the big moments in history that the leaders and even the average person witnessed.  That’s why I like the documentaries about American history.  The founding of this country is remarkable and will be studied for generations to come.

Listed below are documentary films about the amazing people who came together to establish the United States of America and the war they fought to secure the country -- and even the holiday itself.  Browse the titles for one that will add to your celebration of Independence Day.  And have a Happy Fourth of July!



America at War. Volumes 1 – 4, The Revolution
American History. Road to Revolution
The American Revolution
Ben Franklin
Fighting for Freedom : Revolution & Civil War
For Love of Liberty : the Story of America’s Black Patriots
Founding Fathers
George Washington : American Revolutionary
Independence Day : the History of July 4th
John and Abigail Adams
Liberty : Heroes of the American Revolution
Liberty! The American Revolution
The Revolution. Volumes 1 – 4
Thomas Jefferson

Flickr: CC          : Philadelphia -- Old City: Independence Hall -- George Washington Statue

Photo by Wally Gobetz