American Vampire Volume 1

Good Afternoon fellow readers! Today's horrific treat is American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. American Vampire is the first in a graphic novel series by the duo. American Vampire contains two stories, one by Scott Snyder and the other by none other than Stephen King.

Scott Snyder's story takes us to the 1920s where we meet Pearl Jones, an actress struggling to make it in Hollywood. During an acting job, Pearl is invited to a party to meet some big Hollywood executives. What should have been a golden
opportunity turns into a deadly one as these Hollywood executives are none other than Vampires! Stephen King's story takes us even further back to the 1800s and the origins of Skinner Sweet, outlaw turned vampire.

From there, both tales intertwine to provide a very entertaining graphic novel. Rafael Albuquerque does a fantastic job of transforming those terrifying words into images fit for a movie.

I would highly recommend American Vampire to you all. I don't read a lot of new vampire related materials nowadays because they are too "hip" but this was a great change. It's a promising start to a great series!