And the Emmy Goes To...

EmmyLike many people, last Sunday I watched the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Although not as glitzy and glamorous as the Academy Awards, I do enjoy seeing all my favorite television personalities in one room. Unlike the Oscars, where the top prizes are practically certain a few weeks before the awards show, the Emmys tend to have more surprises. This year the awards were particularly unpredictable, with frontrunners passed over for newcomers and underdogs. It certainly made for an exciting evening!

Comedy Awards:

The comedy awards were almost a complete surprise. With the entire adult cast of Modern Family nominated for supporting actor and actress, I was certain they would split the vote and the awards would go to a different show entirely. Imagine my surprise when Phil and Claire Dunphy won the awards! The lead actor and actress categories were also a shock, with Jim Parsons beating out Steve Carell , and Melissa McCarthy, a relative newcomer to the category, winning over seasoned comedy actresses. I was absolutely certain that Carell would win for his last season on The Office, but I couldn’t be happier to see Jim Parson, the hometown favorite, win his second Emmy. In the end, Modern Family was the big winner in the comedy categories, taking home five of the seven awards (including direction and script).

Drama Awards:

Unlike the comedy awards, there never seemed to be any clear frontrunners for the drama awards. I was thrilled to see both Game of Thrones and Justified receive some recognition in the supporting actor and actress categories, but I was completely astonished by their wins. I was also shocked when Kyle Chandler won for his work on the last season of Friday Night Lights. Although I have never seen Friday Night Lights, I know many people were thrilled to see Coach Taylor take home the Emmy. There are so many brilliant dramas currently on television, and it was lovely to see a wide range of them represented in the winners.  

Mini Series or Movie Awards:

Going into this category, I was certain the clear winner for every award would be the much hyped Mildred Pierce. I was thrilled to see my personal favorite, Downton Abbey, win four of the seven awards (including direction and script). Julian Fellowes , the creator and producer of Downton Abbey, seemed just as surprised by the wins, as did Kate Winslet who, when accepting her award for lead actress in Mildred Pierce said, “I didn’t think we were going to win anything!” Kate’s Emmy was well-deserved (and she looked fabulous in her beautiful red dress), but I have to confess that seeing Downton Abbey win so many awards made me brilliantly happy.

The talent pool was incredibly high this year at the Emmys and any of the nominees could have easily taken home an award. What do you think about the winners? Was your favorite overlooked? Who do you think looked the best? (My picks for best dressed include Kate Winslet, Evan Rachel Wood, Sofia Vergara and Nina Dobrev.) Was Jane Lynch a good choice for hostess? Let me know in the comments! 

Flickr CC: Emmy Graphic Photo by: Alan Light