And the Oscar Goes To...


Like many movie (or fashion!) buffs, I spent last night watching the Academy Awards. Voted on by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Oscars are the crowning moment in a hotly contested awards season. Even when all the awards seem like sure bets and the broadcast runs long, there is something so effortlessly romantic about the Oscars.

Every year, I join a group of friends, fill out my ballot, cross my fingers and hope my favorites win. There is oohing and aahing over the dapper men and elegant women on the red carpet (and the inevitable gasps of horror when someone makes a fashion misstep), cheering when my favorite wins and frustration when they don’t.

Last night was no exception. There were some truly stunning dresses and a few whose construction I didn’t quite understand. I was thrilled to see The King’s Speech win so many awards (including Best Picture and Best Actor), but a secret part of me wanted Inception to win everything – including the awards it wasn’t nominated for. In the end, the 83rd Academy Awards were quite the event, one I know I’ll be discussing all week.

While you are waiting for The King’s Speech to be released, browse the HCPL catalog and check out a previous Best Picture winner today!

Kimberly’s Best Picture Picks:

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I agree that Inception is an

I agree that Inception is an incredible, fantastic movie. I'm really glad it was nominated for Best Picture and won some of the awards. But my heart was with The King's Speech.

And you're so right about watching the awards for the whole experience and not just handing out the statues. My best friend and I call each other long distance with "Did you see that dress?" What can I say? We're girls.

For past winners, I can never resist watching Gentleman's Agreement and The Sting whenever they're shown on the movie channels. But I'm woefully behind on more recent winners. I must correct that. Think I'll start with A Beautiful Mind. Thanks!

The King's Speech was a

The King's Speech was a beautiful movie, perfect in every way. I'm eagerly awaiting the DVD release so that I can watch it again (and again...). I'm also thrilled for Tom Hooper. I was certain he wasn't going to win the Best Director award. I've never been so happy to be wrong! And, of course, Colin Firth was eloquent and self-deprecating in his lovely acceptance speech. I expected nothing less. 

The fashion may be my favorite part of the Academy Awards (or, really, any awards show). This year, my pick for best dressed is Hailee Steinfeld. Her dress was pretty, flirty and age-appropriate! I loved it, and she looked so happy and excited to be there. That's always refreshing.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I love talking about the Academy Awards, so all discussion is appreciated.