And the Winners Are...

Three participants in Parker Williams Library's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Trivia Contest won Barnes & Noble gift cards. Congratulations to our winners: Tom Miller, Jeff Sugano and Rudi Trevino!

Miller owes his luck to his wife, who told him to enter the contest, and to Google. He said he used the contest as an opportunity to enhance his Google searching abilities.

Sugano is a library regular who visits two or three times a week. He grew up reading European, American and Japanese novels. "I do read a lot," he said, adding that he plans to use his gift card "to buy a bunch of reading books for my son, who's still in high school."

Trevino, another frequent visitor to the library, said she was very excited to find out she had won one of the gift cards. She plans to use it to buy a CD or book for herself.