Animal Friends Visit the Library

Mobile Dairy ClassroomChildren of all ages enjoyed visits from Molly the Cow and a colorful array of snakes last Tuesday, July 20, in back-to-back Summer Reading Programs at Baldwin Boettcher. Robert Koonce, of Southwest Dairy Farmers’ Mobile Dairy Classroom, and Thomas Davis, also known as the Snakeman, accompanied the animals and presented these informative and fun programs.

At 10 AM, right in front of the library, Mr. Koonce talked about dairy farming and, with Molly’s help, demonstrated milking techniques. Children lined up to pet Molly and to get a closer look at one of the working animals we depend on for nutritious food.

Then at 2 PM, in the library meeting room, Snakeman Mr. Davis thrilled the audience with his presentation, which included many live and beautiful snakes. Children learned important facts about snakes and later had the opportunity to touch and hold the creatures.

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Boa ConstrictorBoa ConstrictorMiss Nancy and Molly the Cow