Anti-Twilight Reads

total solar eclipseThe newest movie in the Twilight Saga (Eclipse) is set to come out in June and, much as with the previous two releases, there is bound to be much excitement and an overwhelming amount of glee from the Pro-Twilight camp. For those of you who could care less or who are staunchly Anti-Bella & Gang, I’ve put together a list of Anti-Twilight reads that combine horror or dark fantasy with a bit of tongue-in-cheek wit. What would you suggest?

Mer’s Anti-Twilight Reads:


vladimir tod bookjacketprom dates from hell bookjacketjessica's guide to dating on the dark side bookjacketghostgirl bookjacket






zombie blondes bookjacketreformed vampire support group bookjacketsuck it up bookjacketsucks to be me bookjacketdead is the new black bookjacket






oh my goth bookjacketdead girl walking bookjacketkiller pizzageneration dead bookjacket





Flickr CC: Total Solar Eclipse 1 Aug 2008 Photo by: n0ll


Carpe Jugulum by Terry

Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett