Antique Desk Fan Display


Mr. Roger Benslay collects Antique Desk Fans. He has fans spanning the years, going back as early as 1910. Mr. Benslay says of his hobby:

"I became interested in collecting antique fans about 20 years ago.  The interest was sparked by a NPR radio news broadcast that I listened to on my drive home from work where a collector was being interviewed.  With no video on the radio, the fans were demonstrated by the sound.  Each fan has its own sound and an expert can recognize them in that way.  I have a memory of fan sounds in my young life…at home, at my grandparents, and other places.   I started looking in antique stores, flea markets, resale shops, and other places.  I found a few restored fans but the prices were higher than I wanted to pay so I started shopping on EBAY and that is where I have purchased most of my fans in unrestored condition.   I started learning how to fix the fans.    I have resold fans on EBAY but have kept the ones that I liked best.  We use fans in our home on a daily basis.  I joined the American Fan Collectors Association and have attended a couple of Fan Meets, where fans are displayed, bought, and sold.  I would be more active if I had an air-conditioned workshop.  Most of my restorations are done in the winter months in the garage and outside.  I hope you enjoy the display."

The fans will be on display through the month of August.


These are the "coolest"

These are the "coolest" little fans.