APE's short films

This winter APE has put our energy into creating two short films for different short film contests.

The first contest was for Texas' Collaborative Summer Reading program. The challenge was to make a movie inspired by this year's theme for Summer Reading "Spark a Reaction" in 1 minute and 30 seconds (which was a BIT of a squeeze). Our artistic volunteers created a short comedic narrative they titled "The Cursed Book."


Unfortunately due to some scheduling difficulties APE wasn't quite able to finish this movie in time from the contest's deadline.

The second contest our volunteers created a video for is Houston Public Library's Reel Teen Festival. The Reel Teen fest is fun because it allows more flexibility and multiple genres. APE made a 3ish minute narrative film, called "Seed of Love"

As part of the filming process for Seed Of Love our volunteers created a production calendar that left time for story boarding, shooting, editing, and even potentially reshooting. APE stuck to that calendar and finished this project with almost a week to spare before the contest's deadline.

Please keep your finger's crossed for Aldine's success in The Reel Teen Festival!