Apple iOS 5 will not transfer WMA eAudio to the Apple devices.

To all Apple users.  Please be advised that something must have changed in the way iTunes works with  iOS 5.  After updating to the iOS 5 for Apple products, you will no longer be able to transfer WMA formatted titles to your device from the Overdrive Media Console.

Normally the Overdrive Media Console uses iTunes to convert the file into something it can use.  Something more than likely changed in the iOS 5 update and now the Overdrive Media Console can no longer use iTunes to convert the files.  Our developers are working on the issue and their response about the issue is below.

MP3 formatted titles should still work as normal.  We will update you here as soon as we know this is fixed.


Thank you for contacting OverDrive about the issue you are having with WMA files not showing up on your Apple device following the update to iOS 5. We are aware of the issue and our developers are working to correct it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time of when it will be completed. Please check the following page for an update to OverDrive Media Console for Windows once an update is made available.




Thank you for your patience.  


There are definitely problems

There are definitely problems but I have been able to listen to WMA audiofiles transferred to my mobile device. THe problem is that the WMA files were transferred to my "Recently Added" file under music "Playlists". The only identifier for the files are numbers. The numbers appear to be assigned random. If you start the "playlist" at the lowest number, you can listen to the book. But, if you download more than one book at a time, the files from the two books seem to get mixed up--the numbers assigned to the WMA files for the second book are not necessarily higher than the first book and the playlist plays the files in numberic order.

I am talking with Overdrive

I am talking with Overdrive about this and they say they are working on another patch.  Hopefully it will be out soon and fix some of these issues.