April is National Poetry Month

Welcome the Spring season by enjoying some beautiful poetry.  Visit the Fairbanks Library to select a book from our poetry display or browse our shelves to see what you discover.  You’ll find American poets shelved in the 811s, English poets in the 821s, French poets in the 841s, Italian poets in the 851s, Spanish poets in the 861s, and East Indo-European poets in the 891s.  Find poetry on a particular topic by visiting the online catalog and then selecting browse search and searching for the subject “poetry”.  You can then choose from a list of topics including pastoral poetry, fairy poetry, and children's poetry.  Try your own basic or advanced search to find poems about whatever interests you.  I searched for poems about spring and found 116 titles, including the following books.

Handsprings: Poems & Paintings by Douglas Florian


Ordinary Things: Poems From a Walk in Early Spring by Ralph Fletcher

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