April & Shakespeare

ShakespeareAs far as I can tell, no one has ever declared April to be International Shakespeare Month, but I think they should.  Most people agree that he was the most important playwright in the history of the English language.  He is thought to have been born around April 23, 1564, and he died April 23, 1616.  In case you would like to honor him by reading some of his plays this month, I’ve done some research and found that many people think that Shakespeare’s best-loved tragedies are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and King Lear, and some of his best-loved comedies are The Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado about Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, and The Tempest.  Of course, your library system has all of these and much more Shakespeare.  [Clipart © Jupiter Images]