Are Dragons the New Vampires?

Okay, I don't really think dragon romances are going to become as popular as vampire romances.  But, there are several excellent new series featuring dragons available from the library and I wanted to bring them to your attention.  I actually think the fantasy/urban fantasy romance blend has overtaken the vampires in popularity, and I consider the dragon books part of that trend.

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrisondragon bound

This is the first title in a new series about the Elder Races and I absolutely loved it.  Pia Giovanni is half human and half wyr, which makes her a vulnerable creature among wyrkind, so she tries to keep a low profile.  When she is forced to steal something from the hoard of a dragon, she knows that her life is going to change forever.  The author sets up an intriguing world with the Fae on one side and the wyr (dragon, gargoyles, trolls, shifters of all sorts) on the other and brings the reader along for the ride as Pia learns to find her place in this world.  The dragon, Dragos, acts like you imagine a dragon might act, only mostly in human form.  I can't wait for the next installment in August, Storm's Heart.

You might also try:

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What do you think?  Do you like dragon books?  What do you think will become the next type of romance as popular as vampire books?


I agree with the dragon books

I agree with the dragon books i love them i just got done reading Eldest the second book in the Inheratance cycle. i recomend these books to any fantasy lover!

Thanks, Caroline!  I really

Thanks, Caroline!  I really like the Inheritance books, too.