Are You Prepared: Hurricane Season is Here.

The hurricane season is here.  As you know, a few hurricanes have come and gone.  The question to ask is, "Are we ready?"  In the event that you are not or maybe perhaps almost ready, I would like to give you some tips and a few tools to use or pack in your emergency kit.  Our library currently has a lot of small hurricane tracker disks.  These disks are preloaded with a lot of information that should be studied prior to a hurricane.  It comes with evacuation routes, emergency phone numbers, information for flood insurance, flood facts, and a history of recorded storms.  What I like about this little disk is that it also provides live hurricane tracking!  Come on to the library and we will be more than happy to give you a copy.

We also have a laminated NOAA Extreme Weather Information Sheet that also contains emergency phone numbers for national, state, & county governments.  It also contains a listing of radio stations to listen to for emergency related information for the Gulf Regions in Texas and Louisiana. The laminated sheets are also in the library and are free to the public.

Other information can be found through the Harris County Homeland Security & Emergency Management website.  This website is also geared to helping you prepare, be informed, and plan an emergency kit.  It also has information of the amount of rain and area flood data.  Other than hurricane information, the website also has information for ozone alerts, traffic and school alerts.