Are You Ready for a New Adventure?

Funny, suspenseful and beautifully illustrated, Tony DiTerlizzi 's  books appealed to many readers.

He has recently created a new book that includes everything I expected from Tony DiTerlizzi and more.  The search for WondLa is beautifully written, includes outstanding illustrations, and did I mention that  it also features "augmented reality" pages?  Using a special website readers have the ability to access additional information using a the book and a webcam. Now how cool is that?

The search for WondLa

Living in isolation with a robot on what appears to be an alien world populated with bizarre life forms, a twelve-year-old human girl called Eva Nine sets out on a journey to find others like her.

If you liked The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi you might also like  Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist by R.L. LaFevers.

Flight of the Phoenix  (book 1)

In 1928, when timid ten-year-old Nate learns that his parents have been lost at sea, he joins his father's cousin on a flight to Arabia where they must oversee the death and rebirth of the phoenix, thus beginning his training as a “beastologist.”

The Basilisk's Lair (book 2)

The continuing adventures of beastologist-in-training, Nathanial Fludd, as he accompanies his intrepid Aunt Phil on a dangerous mission across West Africa to find a deadly basilisk that is missing and begins to find clues relating to the mysterious disappearance of his parents.

The Wyverns' Treasure (book 3)

When Nathaniel and Aunt Phil are summoned to the Welsh countryside to calm the giant dragons known as wyverns, they suspect the problem was caused by the same sinister man who has been trying to steal the Book of Beasts.