Are You Ready for Some Football?

football in grassFootball season has arrived, especially with the first NFL games kicking off this weekend (yes, I did have to look this up to confirm). Fall is one of my favorite seasons: the weather gets cooler; the days are shorter; and curling up under the covers with a good book doesn’t require having the air conditioning on full blast to make the pastime bearable. The beginning of the football season just seems to go hand-in-hand with the changing leaves (okay, in other parts of the country) and nothing can quite rival the experience of sitting on uncomfortable metal bleachers feeling like your face is going to freeze off to the sound of a marching band’s drums and the cheer of the crowds. Who are you rooting for this season?

Mer’s Football Picks:

friday night lights bookjacketcrackback bookjacketdeadline bookjacketgym candy bookjacket


cover-up bookjacketdamage bookjacketpop bookjacketraiders night bookjacket






shooting star bookjacketdairy queen bookjacketthree clams & an oyster bookjacketknights of the hill country bookjacket





Flickr CC:  Football in Grass Photo by: Jayel Aheram