Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football in Grass by Jayel AheramFootball season is underway!  For many of us, football is an intrinsically social activity.  Whether we’re watching the game at home with family or friends and eating barbeque or grilling burgers – or – we’re sitting in the stands, hearing the marching band and cheering on our favorite team, surrounded by like-minded fans, football season is a special time of year.  If you’re a football fan or, like me, just enjoy great sports fiction or nonfiction, you might check out one of these.  What football picks do you recommend?

Football Picks

reality check bookjacket

leverage bookjacket

crackback bookjacket

deadline bookjacket

twelve mighty orphans bookjacket





payback time bookjacket

the rivalry bookjacket

stupid fast bookjacket

real all americans bookjacket

carry the rock bookjacket





catching jordan bookjacket

shut out bookjacket

pop bookjacket

blind side bookjacket

raiders night bookjacket





shooting star bookjacket

dairy queen bookjacket

troy high bookjacket

home field bookjacket

food, girls and other things bookjacket





Flickr CC: Football in Grass Photo by: Jayel Aheram