Are You Ready for Summer Reading?

summer reading program

It's Summer Reading Program time again and we've got free family fun for everyone!  Starting June 4th, registration begins for all three programs -- for children, teens and adults.  Register at to track your progress online and visit your local library branch for exciting summer performances and activities!


I visited the Kingwood

I visited the Kingwood library for the first time today and at first blush thought the library was very beautiful. But then when I realized how many Eames Elephant chairs were purchased for the kids' section, my jaw dropped. There are at least 10 and at $300 a pop, couldn't the money have been better spent? Yes they are cute but wow. Does anyone even sit on them?

With a set as big as ten a

With a set as big as ten a whole group can use them. Librarians can encourage the kids to use them without worrying about any kids feeling left out. I have worked with preschoolers and sometimes it is just easier to not use things if you don't have enough to go around. If they had only purchased one or two they might never get used.

Using them for group

Using them for group activities is a great idea -- I can just picture elephant storytime!  Thank you for your comment.

Library furniture must be of

Library furniture must be of high quality and durability to withstand the kind of use it receives, particularly in the children's department.  Furnishings that encourage the imagination receive even more attention and are frequently used by children in the building.  Thank you for your comment.