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Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California ,currently has an exhibit on Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami This weekend, I was reading the biographies of the artists whose work will be included, and I was inspired by the fact that many of the artists had started their fascination with origami when they were children or young adults. I plan to try a few new designs and I hope that you do too. 

  Origami Zoo : 25 Fun Paper Animal Creations Paul Jackson 

Origami Zoo contains twenty-five delightful origami animal designs. Kids will love creating such critters as koalas, monkeys, butterflies, vultures, and more. Color photos and helpful illustrations make the instructions easy to follow.

Easy Origami  Didier Boursin

24 simple, easy-to-follow projects for beginners to the art of origami. The ancient art of origami continues to fascinate young and old alike. More than a method of artistic expression, it provides an opportunity for reflection and relaxation. Easy Origami takes beginners step-by-step through the process of creating 24 simple yet interesting projects. Children, teens and adults will construct a hamster, a butterfly, an airplane, a house, a garland, a star cluster and more. The book begins with general tips on getting started and obtaining the best results. Easy-to-follow directions are included for all the basic folds. The projects are then organized by level of capability. Easy Origami is the perfect introduction to this popular craft. Beginners of all ages will have fun folding and unfolding as they discover a magical world of paper creations.


 Junk Mail Origami  Duy Nguyen

They fill up the mailbox...and then, they fill up the recycling bin. But now Duy and Tramy Nguyen have come up with a way to make snail-mail spam appetizing--and even exotic: turn it into fantastic origami art. Their beautiful projects are specifically tailored to the dimensions of those flyers, ads, and other unsolicited offers you'd normally throw away. Even beginners will be able to transform junk mail into extraordinary creations. The Nguyens start with an introduction explaining how to interpret the symbols and lines in their instructions and to make basic origami folds. Paper crafters can then put their skills to the test with 18 designs.

Additional Inspiration and Resources

Tammy Yee's Origami (For Kids)  [web site]

This Web site is a beginner's guide to origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Visitors will find games, crafts, and instructions for origami projects organized into themes.

Exploring Paper. Exploring Origami [web site]  by Dana Mackenzie; Exploratorium

Did you know that paper butterflies symbolize the bride and groom at weddings? This Web site is an issue of an on-line exploratory magazine that focuses on the Japanese art of origami. Visitors will learn how origami came to be and why it has been an integral part of Japanese culture and art for ages.

Photograph provided by Flickr member miheco