Ask your favorite author a question...

 Alright guys!  I am heading to Albuquerque this weekend to attend the Young Adult Literature Symposium.  At this conference there are going to be A LOT of authors. The list of authors is at this link.  Your mission is to give me questions to ask them if I see them.  I will be checking for responses all weekend long.  The main time I  will have an opportunity to see them is Saturday so if you want your questions answered get them to me by then.  Good luck and I promise to take lots of pictures!


Jennifer, this is less of a

Jennifer, this is less of a question and more of a comment to make (if you have the chance).  Could you let Ellen Hopkins know that there are tons of folks in the Houston area who absolutely love her work and that we hope she'll still come back to see us!?! :)

Meredith, Ellen was here at


Ellen was here at the beginning of October and a huge crowd turned out for her signing. She will be back in April for a HISD teen literature fest. I don't have the details but will post them when I get them.

Will do!

Will do!