Astro Boy & the Godfather of Manga

Did you know that the 2009 animated film Astro Boy was originally a comic book series? The popular story about a young boy with atomic powers was first released in comic book form in 1952 as Tetsuwan Atomu, literally meaning "Atom with Iron Arms," in Japan. It was then created into a cartoon series (Japan's 1st animated TV series) and broadcast in 1963 in the United States as Astro Boy.

Astro Boy, vol. 1 Astro Boy, vol. 2 Astro Boy, vol. 3 Astro Boy, vol. 4 Astro Boy, vol. 5

The creator of this popular science fiction work is Osamu Tezuka who is also known as the "Godfather of Manga." Tezuka was born on November 3, 1928 in Toyonaka, Japan and dedicated his adult years to creating manga. Because of his innovative works and illustrations, he helped pave the way for manga into American pop culture. Unfortunately, Tezuka passed away in 1989 from stomach cancer but his legacy thrives on.

If you enjoyed Astro Boy, check out other works by Tezuka: 

Apollo's SongApollo's Song is a series of stories about a boy who does not believe in love and is punished by the gods to repeatedly fall in love and have it end in disaster. This was also a series known as Aporo no uta in Japan. 


 Black Jack, vol. 1Black Jack is a multi-volume series about Black Jack, a great surgeon who does work under the table. The patients that Black Jack works on provide great content and guaranteed drama for this Sci-Fi series.


 Buddha, vol. 1Buddha is another multi-volume series about Shiddhartha, Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. As a medley of biographical content and fantasy, Tezuka's work is ahead of its time.


 Ode to KirihitoOde to Kirihito is about Dr. Osanai Kirihito who is asked to treat an epidemic that causes individuals to mutate into beasts. His struggles grow as he begins to experience the symptoms and realizes the illness is far more advanced than what he perceived.