Award Spotlight: School Library Journal's Best Adult Books for Teens

Genetics Exhibit, San Jose Tech by Thomas HawkThe end of the year and beginning of the next bring numerous “best of” lists.  School Library Journal has several Best of 2012 lists, but I thought I might share with you what we have on our shelves that reviewers found to be the best adult books for teen readers.  Whether you already read mostly adult fiction or non-fiction, you read back and forth between teen and adult reads, or you’ve been thinking about branching out into the adult collection, you might consider checking out one of these.  What would be on your “best of” list?

Best Adult Books 4 Teens 2012

dare me bookjacketbehind the beautiful forevers bookjackettell the wolves bookjacketbook of jonas bookjacketbartender's tale bookjacket







billy lynn's bookjacketgoliath bookjacketdistance between us bookjacketescape from camp 14 bookjacketfull body burden bookjacket







little century bookjacketsteal like an artist bookjacketland of decoration bookjacketsong of achilles bookjacket







rook bookjacketrunaway girl bookjacketyellow birds bookjacketthe cove bookjacket







sailor twain bookjacketwild bookjacketage of miracles bookjacketalif the unseen bookjacket






Flickr CC: Genetics Exhibit, San Jose Tech Photo by: Thomas Hawk