Baby Sign Language

Knowing how to communicate with your infant/toddler reduces stress for both parent and child.  

Parent Resource Books

Baby Sign Language Basics: Early Communication for Hearing Babies and Toddlers Monta Z. Briant.

Since 2004, Baby Sign Language Basics has introduced hundreds of thousands of families and educators around the world to the miracle of signing with their babies, and left them wanting more! In this edition, Monta Briant provides more than 300 American Sign Language (ASL) signs, illustrated with the same clear, easy-to-understand photos and descriptions.

Baby-specific signing techniques, songs, and games are also included to make learning fun and open up two-way communication quickly. This book is a must-read for all parents, grandparents, and anyone else who spends time with preverbal children. After all, what parent or caregiver doesn't want to know what their baby is trying to tell them?


Baby Signs: How to Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk  Linda Acredolo,

In 1982, child development experts Linda Acredolo, Ph.D., and Susan Goodwyn, Ph.D., discovered that babies can communicate with simple signs-even before they're able to talk. The result: Baby Signs, the groundbreaking technique that has changed parenting forever. Now, with the widespread popularity of signing with hearing babies and new and exciting research findings to report, the authors have completely revised and expanded Baby Signs to create this indispensable new edition. Featuring an American Sign Language approach, as well as a set of "baby-friendly" alternatives, this comprehensive new program offers all the information any parent needs to join the hundreds of thousands of families around the world who are using Baby Signs to help their children communicate their "joys and fears without tears.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Baby Sign Language  Diane Ryan.

More and more parents are learning and using baby sign language to communicate with their little ones. This guide introduces parents to the 150 most common signs babies can understand and use, including 50 new illustrations. Included are steps to teach the signs, an expanded section on verbal development, and much more.


Signing Time! Volume 1, My First Signs 

Learn 18 American Sign language signs with your child in a fun and playful way.

Happy Signs. Day : Sign Language for Babies and Toddlers.

Allows little ones to clearly express their needs, even before they can speak. Teaches useful signs for daytime: eating, drinking, all done, putting on clothes; incorporated breakthrough multi-cognition approach for fast learning.

Happy Signs. Night: Sign Language for Babies and Toddlers.

Smoothes the transition from day to night by improving communication between you and your baby or toddler. Allows little ones to clearly express their needs. Teaches useful signs for night time: bathing, reading, going to sleep, and more.