Bachelor Books: Become a more Eligible Bachelor and Get Ahead in this World

The one eligible bachelor on our reference staff has created an authoritative display of Bachelor Books for your November reading. He has gathered topics bachelors might need advice about, such as The Boyfriend Handbook, The Action Hero Handbook, and self-help guides like how to write a prenuptial agreement, do your own divorce, be a landlord, or beat a traffic ticket.

There are books on financial investing and more basic offerings like The Secrets of Casino Gambling and Beating the Odds. The way our bachelor sees it, "some guys invest their money in stocks or real estate; others invest it on sports betting or blackjack".  In today's economy, why not?

Or, you single men may be interested in The Sales Bible orThe Beginner's Guide to Networking. For work or pleasure.

We have hand-picked Guy-Fiction books as well, from authors like Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum, Larry McMurtry and Mario Puzo.

And finally, you'll also find the obligatory books on grilling and BBQing, (A Man A Plan and A Can) as well as books on the military. May your bachelorhood be rich and fulfilling this month of Thanksgiving.