Back to School Bash

Help your child get ready for the new school year by visiting the library on Monday, August 16th at 7:00 p.m.  We will be touring the library, sharing books, and creating a special craft project. 

You can also encourage your child, to develop a lifelong love of reading, by helping them apply for their own library card.   It only takes a few minutes to get a card, there are no age restrictions, and best of all it's free. 


Checkout my most recent blog for back to school book suggestions.
Please Note: Photographs are frequently taken during our storytimes or special events.  When possible, these items are posted in our Flickr account so you may share them with your family and friends. Please inform staff member if you would prefer not to be included in the photographs.


Above photograph provided by Lovebird Ladybird's photostream on Flickr.