Back to School Reads

Day 101: Lockers by Visions By VickyWhether you’re still excited to be back at school, are counting down the days until the upcoming three-day weekend, are already feeling overwhelmed with homework, or are still lamenting over the end of summer, you might check out one of these Back to School Reads!  Each book takes place during the school year or feature school life in a big way.  So take a break and read!  What are your favorite back to school reads?

Mer’s Back to School Picks

populazzi bookjacketfreefall bookjacketcompulsion bookjacketyou killed wesley payne bookjacketwill bookjacket






anya's ghost bookjacketbeat the band bookjacketbitter melon bookjacketeduction of hailey kendrick bookjacketaccidental genius of weasel high bookjacket






blank confession bookjacketguardian of the dead bookjacketdiary of a witness bookjacketsean griswold's head bookjackettrapped bookjacket






middle school, the worst bookjacketbystander bookjacketokay for now bookjacketsome girls are bookjacketjumped bookjacket





Flickr CC: Day 101: Lockers Photo by: Visions By Vicky