Baldwin Boettcher Evening Book Club



Join us as we read and discuss The Playdate by Louise Millar.  Copies are currently available at Baldwin Boettcher, and this book club will meet on Monday, November 4, at 6:30 pm, in the library meeting room.


Summary:  You leave your kids with a friend down the street.  Everyone does it.  Until the day it goes wrong. 

For the past few lonely years, Suzy has been the only one to reach out to her neighbor, single mother Callie, and her frail daughter Rae.  Suzy welcomed them into her large, apparently happy, family, and has been a rock and best friend to Callie.  But it's time for Callie to find her own way, and going back to work is the first step towards rediscovering her old confidence.  But why does she find it so hard to tell Suzy about her new job?  And who will look after Rae while she's gone?  Callie's return to work precipitates a chain of events that reveal the isolation, turmoil, and dark secrets behind the doors of a seemingly peaceful neighborhood.  The Playdate is a gripping psychological thriller -- a chilling evocation of modern life, where seemingly longstanding friendships are superficial, and overwork and exhaustion lead parents to make impulsive decisions about the care of their children.