Banbury Bog: An Asey Mayo Cape Cod Mystery

Banbury Bog by Phoebe Atwood Taylor is humorous with local color, history and mystery all mixed together.  The economy in the town of East Weesit has been down until millionaire banker Phineas Banbury decides to move in.  His Uncle grew up in East Weesit and told Mr. Banbury how he hoped to get rich, come back and do things for the town.  However, he died and left Phineas his money.  Phineas used the money to start his first bakery, made his million and now wants to help the town as his Uncle had planned.  Phineas, with his wife and twenty something daughter, Jane, buy a house, move in and prosperity comes to East Weesit through Phineas Banbury’s effort and money.   It didn't take too long for Jane and Mrs. Banbury to realize not everyone was happy with the new prosperity.  Someone was unhappy enough to poison the tarts that Mr. and Mrs. Banbury had made for the church benefit making most of the town ill. Then Phineas was framed for the murder of selectman Abner Grove, who was found drowned in the bakery van.  Asey Mayo a local resident who is amateur sleuth and all around handyman is called in to solve the mysteries.