The Baseball Hero You May Not Know

 Just as Good : How Larry Doby Changed America's Game Chris Crowe

Batter Up! Introducing the first-ever children's book about Larry Doby, the first African-American player to hit a home run in the World Series. The year is 1948, and Homer and his daddy are baseball crazy. Ever since last season, when their man Larry Doby followed Jackie Robinson across baseball's color line and signed on with their team, the Cleveland Indians, it's been like a dream come true.  Larry Doby and the Indians are now playing Game Four of the World Series against the Boston Braves!

With a play-by-play narration capturing all the excitement of that particular game,  and the special thrill of listening to it on the radio with family at home, Chris Crowe and Mike Benny, craft a compelling tribute to an unsung legend. Vividly illustrated, this long overdue biography, featuring an extensive bibliography and historical note, illuminates the effect Larry Doby had on his fans as both a baseball hero and a champion for civil rights.

Additional notes: In 1997, @marillo Globe-News reported, that the All-Star Larry Doby,  helped raise $450,000 to turn an old parking lot into a playground for children.  At the opening ceremony, Mr. Doby stated, ``I hope that this city and cities across the country will continue to work together to make this a better place for all of us,'' Doby said. ``I think the most important thing, besides being involved in your games, is teaching. Teach your friends, teach your fellow man what it is to love one another.''  Larry Doby's legacy will hopefully inspire us all to make the world a better place for everyone.  


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