The Batchelder Award

Last week all the awards for children’s books were announced. My favorite award is the Mildred Batchelder award,  which is given to the best book that was translated into English from another language. This year’s winner is Soldier Bear by Bibi Dumon Tak,  which was translated from the Dutch. It is a story about a bear who is raised by a group of Polish soldiers in World War 2, and it is based on real events! 

This year’s Honor book is The Lily Pond which is the sequel to the 2010 winner A Faraway Island by Annika Thor. These were translated from the Swedish. These are about two girls who are sent from Vienna to Sweden to escape the Nazis. 

One Batchelder winner which doesn't seem to get checked out much is The Baboon King by Anton Quintana and translated from the Dutch. It is about a boy in Africa who gets banished from his tribe and goes and lives which a troop of baboons.

Another one that I like a lot is The Robber and Me, by Josef Holub, translated from the German. A boy struggles to find the courage to reveal the truth about a man accused of robbery in his small German village in 1867. How I became and American by Karin Gundisch, also translated from the German, is about a family that immigrates to America in 1902.

One of my all time favorite books is A Book of Coupons which was an Honor book in 2002. It is translated from the French. The author, Susie Morgenstern, who actually grew up in New Jersey, but moved to France in 1967.

So, while you're waiting for your hold on the new Newbery winner to come in, check out a Batchelder Award Winner!