The Beauty of Horses

They have worked the fields and across the range. They have provided transportation. They have been part of sports and entertainment. They’ve been companions and part of our leisure time. They are one of humankind’s best animal friends.


I don’t think anyone can deny that horses are incredibly beautiful creatures. They are subjects of countless paintings and photographs. Young and old alike are drawn to them.  We want to ride them, or even just pet them. Horses are part of our lives, even if we only see them in parades or races or favorite movies and TV series or even a favorite advertisement.

To see how film and television have captured the beauty of horses, scroll through the list below. Some of the stories are funny. Some are moving. Some are sad. But most of all, they are tales of the bond between horses and their human companions.


The Adventures of the Black Stallion
American Girl. Saige Paints the Sky
Black Beauty
The Black Stallion
The Black Stallion Returns
Camp Harlow
Felicity: an American Girl Adventure
Flicka 2
Flicka: Country Pride
The Great Dan Patch
The Greening of Whitney Brown
The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit
The Horse Whisperer
International Velvet
A Leap of Faith
The Man from Snowy River
Miracle of the White Stallions
Moondance Alexander
My Friend Flicka
National Velvet
The Red Pony
The Saddle Club
The Story of Seabiscuit
Two Bits and Pepper
Touching Wild Horses
War Horse
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
The Wild Stallion


For Younger Audiences

All About Horses
Elmo’s World. Penguins and Friends
Home on the Range
My Little Pony
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron



Horses: the Story of Equus


Flickr: CC          : La vie devant soi          Photo by Didier-Lg