Alek and Deryn, I mean, Dylan are back for the second installment of the Leviathan Trilogy. Picking up directly after the close of Leviathan, Behemoth finds Alek and Dylan racing toward Istanbul in hopes of keeping the Ottoman Empire out of the conflict between the Clanker Germans and the Darwinist British Empire. Neither teen knows all of the other's secrets, but they have become friends. Their friendship is tested as Alek and part of his contingent escape the airship Leviathan and become caught up in the rising rebellion against the Ottoman sultan. In addition, Dylan struggles with her desire to tell Alek her true gender as she begins hoping he will see her as more than a friend.

Daring escapes, secret missions, and new friends and allies abound in Westerfeld's energetic and smartly imagined alternate history. While the first book in the trilogy centers on page-turning battles between the machines of the Clankers and the beasties of the Darwinists, volume two shifts slightly to focus on equally suspenseful espionage. Characters develop nicely, and the plot is full of good, twisty science fiction thrills. Fans will be well satisfied and likely even more impatient for the next installment.

Alan Cumming narrating this series comes naturally for him. There are a few characters that sort of blend together, but not because of Cumming’s doing. The characters seem to blend themselves if they’re not a main or semi-main character- it’s just Westerfeld’s writing (to me at least.)

Goliath, the third installment of Westerfeld’s trilogy will give fans the answers that they have been waiting for since page 1 of Leviathan. I know I’m waiting. And I’m waiting impatiently!