A long time ago, I started a vegetable gardening project with a group of women.  Since there was no water nearby, the way we tended our individual plots was to draw water from an open well, and carry one bucket-full at a time to where the plants were.  Then, using a cup, each precious drop of liquid was meted out onto the soil immediately surrounding the seedlings.  This was a lot of work!  How much easier it would have been, if we had access to a faucet and a length of hose!


Most any task is easier to do when you have the right tools for the job, which is why it was so great when twelve additional stations were recently added to Crosby Branch Library's bank of public computers!  More public computers means you have more access to important information-gathering tools.  From doing a homework assignment to researching family history, finding a job, and everything in between, your community library is here to provide you with tools that make pursuits of all kinds, easier and more fruitful.


(P. S. Since we have all of these snazzy new computers, a USB drive is required, if you wish to save the fruits of your work.) 


Image courtesy of billerr