Belgian Bobbin Lace & Krtek the Mole in Space!

Freeman Library has a new display in the lobby for the month of May, in fact, thanks to the children of the Regional Library of Pardubice in the Czech Republic and the family of astronaut Drew Feustel, we actually have TWO displays.  The majority of the display is the absolutely beautiful Belgian bobbin lace made by local artisan Keiko Toda.  Ms. Toda has provided background information on bobbin lace, which was “at its peak in the 18th century in Belgium”.  She also explains that “there are only two basic movements of thread, the cross and the twist”, but there are unlimited patterns that can be created from these two basic movements.  Come check out the display to learn more about bobbin lace, and to see many beautiful examples of Ms. Toda’s work. 

The children of the Regional Library of Pardubice have made a fabulous cake to send well wishes to astronaut Drew Feustel who will be flying on the Endeavour’s final shuttle mission.  He will be taking into space with him Krtek the mole, an animated character that has been part of Czech culture for several generations.  Drew’s wife Indira, is part Czech and part Indian – her mother is from the Czech Republic.  On display is the cake made by the kids of the Pardubice Regional Library and the twin of the mole that Drew will be taking into space. 

Both exhibits are on display until the end of May!