The Benefits of eRomance

sony readerIt’s not exactly breaking news that the eBook business is booming right now.  At HCPL, our customers check out at least 20,000 eBooks and eAudio books each month.  A blog post I read today compared the rise of eBooks with the debut of mass market paperbacks around the time of World War II, and many of the issues sound similar.  Pricing issues – check.  Publisher paranoia – check.  Genre domination – check.  Literary snobbery – check. 

Well before the eBook reader explosion of last Christmas, the Romance genre prospered in the eBook market.  There’s a wide availability of titles, instant access when you want a new book, a thriving online community discussing the format and recommending books, and no embarrassing covers, at least not where everyone else can see them. 

In the HCPL catalog, some romance titles are available as eBooks only or might be available faster as eBooks.  The Digital Media Catalog also offers a large number of Harlequin and Silhouette titles and backlists of many popular series and authors.  If you have a Nook, a Sony Reader, an iPad, or any one of these compatible devices, check out an eRomance title today.

A few suggestions:rules of an engagement

Jessica Andersen             Final Prophecy series, starts with Nightkeepers

Lydia Dare                      It Happened One Bite

Suzanne Enoch               Rules of an Engagement

Pamela Palmer                 Feral Warriors series, starts with Desire Untamed

Julie Anne Long               What I Did for a Duke

Jo Davis                          Firefighters of Station Five series, starts with Trial by Fireeternal flame

Jennifer Armintrout          Blood Ties series, starts with The Turning

Cynthia Eden                  Eternal Flame

P.C Cast                         Divine series, starts with Divine by Mistake