Best Friends -- Male Edition

It’s a funny thing.  While female friendship seems fairly new to Hollywood, male friendship has been a part of movies and television from the beginning.  Even Wings, the first Academy Award for Best Picture winner, was about best friends serving together in World War I.

So there are plenty of examples of male friendship throughout movie history.  Guys who see each other through good times and bad.  Sometimes there's a woman, too, who might find herself in the middle of a rivalry between the men.  But the friendship between the men survives, no matter who the woman ends up with. 

You’ll notice that there aren’t many cop buddy films.  I wanted to draw attention to films and TV that didn’t necessarily rely on the tried and true formula of two very different guys thrown together by job or circumstance -- and becoming best of friends.  There is a variety, however, from TV sitcoms to comedy teams in movies to action/adventure to laugh-out-loud comedies.  And, yes, a few crime-solving teams.



Abbott and Costello movies                                                      Laurel and Hardy movies
The Andy Griffith Show
                                                               Lethal Weapon series
The Big Bang Theory
                                                                   Life on Mars
Breaking Away
                                                                             Magnum P.I.
Brian’s Song
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
                                     North and South
                                                                                                Old Dogs
                                                                                       Road movies (Hope and Crosby)
Gunga Din
Happy Days
                                                                                    The Shawshank Redemption
Harry Potter series                                                                      Sherlock
The Honeymooners
                                                                      Starsky & Hutch
Keeping the Faith
                                                                          The Station Agent
The King’s Speech



 I know I've barely scratched the surface here.  If you have any favorites I've left out, please let me know.

Note: Soon after posting this, I remembered two more favorite movies depicting male friendship that I really should have included.  The Full Monty and Stand by Me.  Both are great and worth watching!






You've included many titles

You've included many titles that would have sprung immediately to mind, particularly two American classics, Breaking Away, set in Indiana, and Diner, set in Baltimore, as well as the Harry Potter series, set in a magical Britain. But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Lonesome Dove, a wonderful adaptation of a wonderful novel, and definitely a buddy story for the ages.

You're absolutely right. 

You're absolutely right.  Lonesome Dove and its prequels (Dead Man's Walk, Comanche Moon) and sequel (Streets of Laredo) definitely belong in the category of male friendship. I'm ashamed I forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder!