Bewitched by "The Crucible"

Last night I went to see the final showing of the Mayde Creek High School Theatre Company's production of The Crucible.  First I'd like to comment on the fabulous parents who run the Booster Club.  Bravo!  As a former High School performing arts participant I know how important the Boosters are and I think the parents are doing a great job. 

All of the students did a fantastic job.  There were a few students that stood out.  Greg Neal as John Proctor and Eliza Coleman as Elizabeth Proctor gave very emotional and true performances.  The last two scenes were dramatic and moving.  Dani Anderson was very convincing as the elderly and pius Rebecca Nurse.  Terrinice Hayes played the sad character of Tituba very well.  Isaac Garcia really grabbed the audience in the second act with the desperatness of Rev. Hale to try and save the innocent people from the madness he had inadvertantly started.

What really stole the show though was the set.  It was a phenomonal use of simplistic materials.  Walking into the theater, a wall sized screen was set up with tree structures standing out in silhoete.  A cauldron stood solitary at the back of the stage as a stark reminder of what was to come in the play.

Over all a fantastic production and I can't wait till their next play.