Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians - Oh my!!!!

HATCH!-Houston Audubon Society: Tuesday, July 27th @ 3:30 pm

Chickens are not the only animals that hatch from eggs! Our friend and special guest, Mary Anne Weber, will visit the library to share stories and songs about all the amazing animals that hatch from eggs.  Younger audiences, particularly pre-school age, will enjoy learning about biology and the world in which they live. Ms Weber also will bring a few friends of her own to share with the children. Is anyone willing to guess what type of animals may be visiting the library...I gave you a few hints at the top of this blog.

  • Tickets for this program are free and may be picked up 30 minutes before the program at the library.
  • Children must be able to attend the program without an adult. However, we request that parents remain in the library in case your child needs you.
  • Space is limited.


An egg is quiet Dianna Aston

The Emperpor lays an Egg Branda Z Guiberson

How an egg grows into a Chicken Tanya Kant

 Eggs Marilyn Singer

Guess What is Growing inside this egg Mia Posada

 The Egg Gallimard Jeunesse


 A turtle hatchling grows up Pam Zollman

Photograph provided by Mick E. Talbot on Flickr