Birds of Seabrook Photography Display


You may already know that Seabrook is a designated bird sanctuary and is an integral part of the Upper Texas Coast Briding Trail. You may even be a bird watcher yourself.  If so, you may have seen Dr.  J. C. Stormer and his wife Jane with camera equipment in hand photographing some of our feathered residents in one of the local parks. Dr. Stormer and his wife  have been watching and photographing birds in the Seabrook area for several years now.  Of the reported 169 species in Seabrook, they have personally seen 109. The Stormers have recently graced the library with a wonderful display of bird photography that is well worth seeing. The photos will be available for viewing (on request) through the month of May in our main Meeting Room. All of the pictures on display (with the exception of one taken on High Island) were taken in Seabrook parks. Even if you are not a bird watcher yourself, you will enjoy and appreciate the great variety of birds found in our area and the dedication of the Stormers in bringing them to our attention.