From Blog to Book

The printed word can easily make the jump to digital these days, thanks to electronic reading devices and digital media catalogs.  Books go digital, but sometimes the opposite happens.  Sometimes writing begins online and finishes in printed form.
Each of these titles began as blogs and eventually made their way onto the bookshelf:

A collection of postcards sent to the author from all over the world, with each one revealing a deep secret about the sender. 
Dublancia writes about his job as a waiter and holds nothing back. 
A woman decides to spend a year cooking every single recipe in Julia Childs' book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  She chronicles her adventures and mishaps along the way. 
Reader-submitted pictures showing quirky and unusual items they've placed on their cats.
Pasricha writes short snippets about the awesome things in life, like fresh laundry and bakery air.  The book is based on  
Walsh erased Garfield from the comic strip and posted the results online.  What's left without the star feline?  The silly, and sometimes sad, life of his forever-single owner, Jon.
A picture collection of notes left behind for other people to read.  As the title suggests, each featured note contains a hint of politeness tinged with a touch of aggression. 
A city dweller marries a country man and moves to a ranch.  Ree Drummond writes about her new life, her hobbies, and her favorite recipes.