To Blog or Not to Blog

Whether to blog or not is not the question. The question is what do you blog about?   What will interest the customers enough to get them into our conversations. Since we are a library, I would like to tell everyone that our services are free! We offer a wide range of services from entertainment for your children, gaming for your teens and of course interesting programs for all adults.

Our computer usage is our largest draw. We recently changed to a new booking system. It is now called the Que station.  So come down to the the library and use your library card for the whole day. Well, if we are busy you may have to get back into the que. 
Here is how it works. If there is an open computer, you stroll into the library and sit down, log into the computer with your library card and pin number. If we continue to not be busy you will just keep extending your session until someone else wants your computer. If you are booted off the computer simply walk over to the new queing station and re-enter your number into the system and get the next available computer.
I know everyone does not have a library card. So to get a library card you only need something with your current address and a picture id. Fill out the form and you have a valid library card that is not only good at our branch but all 25 branches.
Just moved? Don't have something with your current address? Ask us for a temporary computer pass.