Bloopers Western Style

I don't normally associate the word 'cute' with westerns. However, after reading Bill Pronzini’s The Last Days of Horse-Shy Halloran, I can't think of a word more appropriate. Horse-Shy Halloran is a wanna-be road agent who hopes to get his hands on an upcoming gold shipment worth millions. With it he will retire from his life of crime and open a long dreamed of music hall in San Francisco, complete with can-can dancers and European theatre. There are only a few things that stand in his way, not the least of which is his own ineptitude as an outlaw. There is also his morbid fear of horses, which he is convinced are all out to kill him. Throw in the three Burgoyne Brothers who are real killers after the same gold, a love struck Wells Fargo agent bent on protecting the shipment, and a sheriff who is as dumb as a piece of cold toast, and you have a farce that even Mel Brooks would be proud of. This is a fast and fun read.