Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King's Daughter

Simon Brett introduces us to the Right Honorable Devereux Lyminster known as 'Blotto' and his sister the Lady Honoria Lyminster known as 'Twinks'.  Set between World War I and World War II in England; this humorous mystery opens with Blotto finding a dead body in the library while his mother the Duchess of Tawcester and her guests are taking their pre-dinner drinks.  The Duchess hushes up the murder by blackmailing the local police as it would be embarrassing for the family if word got out someone was murdered at Tawcester.  Blotto and twinks continue to investigate  the murder without informing their mother.  However, when the visiting princess is kidnapped by one of the King's own bodyguards and taken back to her homeland the Duchess sends Blotto to save her.