Boarding Schools = Bizarre Happenings

plaid skirt comboWith the beginning of school fast approaching, I got to thinking about all the books I’ve read in the past couple of years that feature boarding schools. I, as a strictly public school gal, never had the private or boarding school experience. Based entirely on totally unscientific data and on the young adult fiction I’ve read, you might come to expect some fairly bizarre, a little bit crazy, life-threatening, and/or supernatural occurrences. What are your favorite boarding school reads?

Mer’s Bizarre Boarding School Picks:

poison apples bookjacketgreat and terrible beauty bookjacketi'd tell you i love you bookjacketdirty laundry bookjacket


devil's breath bookjacketguardian of the deadsilverfin bookjacketmy so-called death bookjacket






the disreputable history bookjacketjellicoe road bookjacketmiles between bookjacketspud bookjacket





Flickr CCVintage 1980s HEAD OF THE CLASS Green Plaid Pencil Skirt Photo by: Huzzah Vintage


I go to boarding school and

I go to boarding school and it is .......eventful, so yes weird stuff does happen at boarding schools.