A Book Can Be A Great Tool!

Health and fitness are always high on the list when it comes to New Years Resolutions. So if,  you made a resolution is to eat less processed foods and make healthier choices, I would like to suggest one of my favorite books.

 The Simple Art of EatingWell Cookbook : 400 Easy Recipes, Tips and Techniques for Delicious, Healthy Meals.

Author, Jessie Price, has created a cookbook that is simply scrumptious. The Simple Art of EatingWell contains all the basics of healthy cooking ”from how to stock your pantry and which kitchen tools you really need to how to choose, cook, and preserve the healthiest, freshest foods. Step-by-step techniques show you healthier ways to cook, including how to oven-fry favorite deep-fried foods like onion rings; how to make a lighter, healthier pie crust; make-at-home tacos, freezer pops, fat-free cookies;and many more. 

Recipes have notes and tips on how they were made healthier ”for instance, when and how to substitute whole grain for white flour or how to use canola oil in place of butter. Step-by-step technique guides with photos More than 400 recipes, from soups and salads to main dishes and desserts 200 full-color photos throughout Quick-cooking guides for seasonal fruits and vegetables Kitchen essentials: the best tools and gadgets for your healthy kitchen Pantry list: what to stock for a healthy pantry.