Book Hunters in Brief #118: Great Escapes!

There are lots of different kinds of escapes: dramatic escapes from burning buildings, weekend escapes to romantic hideaways, prison breaks, running away to join the circus, narrow escapes, Ford Escapes, to name just a few. Then, there is the kind of escape you get from a great book.

This week, because it is the birthday of Harry Houdini, the greatest escape artist who ever lived, Book Hunters offers books about great escapes for you to escape into.

For Teens
Chickenhare: The House of Klaus by Chris Grine

Alien Invasion and Other Inconveniences by Brian Yansky

For School-age Kids
The Return of Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

The Strictest School in the World: Being the Tale of a Clever Girl, a Rubber Boy and a Collection of Flying Machines, Mostly Broken by Howard Whitehouse

Picture Books
Pssst! by Adam Rex

Mr. Wuffles! by David Wiesner

You say you are perfectly happy right where you are and that escapism just isn't your thing? Great!. Visit Book Hunters, tell us what you like and don't like to read and we'll create a custom reading list you won't ever want to let go.