Book Hunters in Brief #119: You Never Know What You'll Find at the Library

This week Book Hunters in Brief celebrates the surprises,both large and small, that any given visit to your library may provide.

Here are a few old and new titles that we just couldn't believe we missed.

The Big Book of Jell-o Molds by Bobby Sue Greenblatt

Stuff: A History of the Best Band You Never Heard by Elmo Owsley Phd.

Frodo's Shortcut by Jimmy Tokken

If You Give a Mouse Some Kale by Dom Deluise

My Cat Is Hipper Than Me by Robin Meredith

Babadook's Guide to Babysitting by Robert Antoine Duke

You say none of these pique your interest? Your loss. But we understand completely--reading tastes are like the proverbial snowflake: no two are exactly alike. That is the whole idea behind book hunters: bespoke reading lists by people who love to read, for people who love to read. Visit us online today!