Book Hunters in Brief #149: Scary Stories (But Not Too Scary)

Millions of years of evolution was aimed at one thing: to make it possible not to live in a constant state of fear. Our big brains allowed us to out think those that would make us their lunch, our forward facing eyes enabled us to see them before they could decide whether we would taste better broiled, fried or fricasseed, and our opposable thumbs let us make weapons so that we could make them OUR lunch as well as build shelters in which to enjoy the meal in comfort.

And what do we do as soon as our safety becomes more or less a given? We invent stories to scare ourselves witless.

Our big brains store oodles of incongruities and self-contradictions, but of all of them, that one seems the most perverse. Why do so many of us--I would argue all of us--in one way or another. seek out entertainments whether they be slasher flicks or roller coasters or skydiving that scare the bejeebers out of us?

In honor of the day we set aside each year to honor that weird kink in our wiring, Book Hunters presents a collection of scary stories for the little ones.

The Bath Monster by Colin Boyd & Tony Ross

Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson & Michael Robertson

This Is the House That Monster Built by Steve Metzger & Jared Lee

The Little Shop of Monsters by R.L. Stine & Marc Brown

I Will Chomp You! by Jory John & Bob Shea

You say you're too big for the kiddie pool and like to swim in the deep, dark waters? Book Hunters can help. Tell us what scares and doesn't scare you and we'll create a custom reading list that will have you gasping for breath.